Six tips for sharing the gospel with Muslims

25 November 2022

Have you ever wondered how you can best share the gospel with your Muslim friends? Here, Beth Peltola and Tim Dieppe, authors of new Wilberforce Publications book Questions to Ask Your Muslim Friends, share their six questions you can ask of your Muslim friends to get them thinking about the gospel.

Asking questions is one of the best ways to get a variety of different people talking and thinking about the gospel.  So in their first, tip, Beth and Tim breakdown exactly why you should be asking questions of your Muslim friends.

There are so many differences between the lives of Jesus and Muhammad. Have you ever thought of asking your Muslim friends why they choose to follow Muhammad?

In their second tip, Beth and Tim share how you can effectively witness to Muslim friends: compare Jesus and Muhammad. Ultimately, Jesus is the only way to God.

There are all sorts of truth claims that the Qur’an makes about God and Islam. But have you ever thought about asking your Muslim friends how they know it’s all true? By comparison, the Bible also makes all sorts of truth claims about God, Jesus, and Christianity. But the truth of our faith is much easier to prove.

In their third tip, Beth and Tim suggest asking your Muslim friends how they know Islam is true.


One of the easiest questions you can ask your Muslim friends is why they choose to follow Islam. Often there’s no story of conversion, as there often is in Christianity. So how do they know it’s true?

More than just asking your Muslim friends how they know Islam is true, Beth and Tim say you can ask them how they became a Muslim.

How do we judge religions? To really understand a religion, you have to study its texts and the main people it talks about. For Muslims, that’s the Qur’an and Muhammad. For Christians, that’s the Bible and Jesus. So how do they compare?

In their fifth tip, Beth and Tim suggest using ‘the book and the man’ approach – does Muhammad live up to the claims that the Qur’an makes? Do they back each other up? How do they compare with Jesus and the Bible?

As Christians, we should be interested to find out what other people think about what we believe. Often, the answers can show all sorts of misconceptions about Christianity. But this question gives you a great opportunity to explain the truth of the gospel and what Christians really believe.

In their final tip, Beth and Tim helpfully suggest asking one more question of your Muslim friends: what do they think the Christian faith is all about?

You can read and find out more in Questions to Ask Your Muslim Friends, available to purchase now.


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