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4 September 2019

When responding to the world around us, it’s all too easy for Christians to be dragged from one issue to the next without reflecting on the bigger picture.

That’s one reason we started our Gospel Issues seminars, which provide a deeper look at some of the foundational issues affecting society today.

In the Summer of 2019, we presented three talks, which you can watch in full below.

May’s seminar featured Tim Dieppe (Head of Public Policy) answering the objection that “we shouldn’t try to legislate morality”:


In June, chief executive Andrea Williams gave a Christian response to abortion:


And in July, Roger Kiska (Christian Legal Centre) gave an in-depth explanation of the law and guidance surrounding Relationships and Sex Education:


We began a second season of our Gospel Issues seminars in Spring 2020. You can watch those videos below.

In March, our chief executive responded to the question, ‘What has become of the Church of England?’:


In April, Roger Kiska examined whether Christians are being persecuted in the UK:


In May, Clifford and Monica Hill discussed why the church in the UK is declining. This was also followed by a live Q&A session:

You can also find their slides here and notes to accompany them here.


In June, Carys Moseley (Christian Concern’s Policy Researcher), looked at the history of transgender activism in the UK. This was also followed by a live Q&A session with Andrea Williams, Tim Dieppe and Nigel and Sally Rowe (Christian Legal Centre clients):


We also had Christian Concern’s Head of Public Theology and Wilberforce Academy Director, Rev. Dr Joe Boot speak in June on ‘Confronting secular culture: recovering the Christian mind’. This was also followed by a live Q&A session with Andrea Williams and Tim Dieppe.


In July, we discussed why the government should support Biblical marriage with Tony Ruscinki from Coalition for Marriage. This was followed by a live Q&A with Andrea Williams, Tim Dieppe and Christian Legal Centre client, Izzy Montague. Tony shares a great document from C4M that you may find useful here.


Go to our events page to see what other talks may be coming up soon near you.

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