Free to change – finding freedom from unwanted sexual attraction

29 September 2020

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: the old has gone, the new is here!” (2 Corinthians 5:17)

With Jesus Christ, true and lasting transformation is possible.

The wonderful news of the gospel is that God makes sinful people (read – all of us) into new creations if we’re willing to accept his unconditional grace. Jesus’ offer of a new identity as a child of God – and the possibility of living a changed life empowered by the Holy Spirit – is open to everyone who would receive it.

As God’s people, it is our mission to speak this message of transformative grace into specific situations, where it is needed. In him, people struggling with insecurities and addictions can experience real freedom. Those burdened with guilt and shame can find forgiveness and peace.

Those wrestling with gender confusion and sexuality can discover their true identity as sons and daughters of God.

Yet, many vital Christian ministries offering this hope are encountering resistance and silencing – all because our culture denies the reality that we are sinners in need of the transformative power of Jesus.

The UK government wants to ban what it calls ‘conversion therapy’, which could include a ban on voluntary conversations about sex and sexuality with your local pastor; receiving professional counselling for unwanted sexual attractions including paedophilia; it could even ban prayer for those who are struggling with their sexuality or gender.

Yet, we are called to share the gospel’s changing power with the world, to help those in need, to share the message of hope and transformation to every part of our broken society. We must remain free to help those seeking change. We must remain free to change. Will you stand with us?

Testimonies of transformation

Many people – Christians and non-Christians alike – benefit enormously from therapy, counselling and pastoral conversations to help them explore their sexuality and untangle their feelings and attractions. Voluntary conversations like these can be a source of healing and clarity for those who struggle with their sexual orientation and are unsatisfied with their sexual behaviours.

  • Watch the testimony of James Parker, a former gay rights campaigner who left homosexuality behind after receiving counselling.
  • Read more about the testimony of Matthew Grech, a former X Factor Malta contestant who decided to turn away from homosexuality after being introduced to Jesus.
  • Voices of the Silenced tells the stories and testimonies of many who have found help with unwanted sexual attractions and gender confusion through therapeutic counselling.
  • Once Gay: Matthew and Friends is the full story of Matthew Grech’s transformation in Christ as well as those in his church who helped him to find the freedom he was longing for.
  • Changed Movement tells the stories of many men and women who’ve experienced significant change in their attractions and behaviours having found freedom in Christ.

Gender confusion

Sexual confusion can often be related to gender confusion – many people’s testimonies include elements of both.

Alarming pressure

Pressure from LGBT campaigners and proposed legislation from the UK government is posing a great threat to organisations offering these vital, entirely legitimate forms of therapy. Christian organisations that offer help to those struggling with their sexuality are already being targeted.

End the silencing

We’re calling on the government to put a halt to the kind of mob rule enacted by LGBT campaigners and to assert the right of Biblically faithful Christian organisations to be serviced businesses without facing such intolerant discrimination.

Christian ministries

There are a range of Christian ministries that are being targeted, attacked and harassed for offering help to those who seek it and boldly telling the stories of transformation.

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