‘Dear fellow parent’: how would you respond?

26 July 2021

In the final instalment of our letter series, a parent wrestles with how to bring up her children to know the Lord. How would you respond? Let us know your thoughts below.

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Dear fellow parent,

It often seems impossible doesn’t it? How do I have the time to help my children know the Lord? Am I even qualified to do so? We know we have a duty to think this through, but can be so anxious that we have already messed this up, or can’t even face the question, along with, well, everything else on our plate.

But can we do this? Stop and pray.

This is not a role we’ve been left alone to carry. We have a unique responsibility, yes. But we are not without significant help. The help that we need to fulfil our calling as a parent to pass on a living faith. So stop. And pray.

“Father, what a good parent you are. Please, help me to show you to my son, to my daughter.”

Fellow parent, the Holy Spirit is your ‘paraclete’, the counsellor who comes alongside you at a moment’s notice. To help you in your walk with the Lord, and to help you in your calling as a parent. The holy help of heaven itself.

And practically? You are truly not alone. Click on any of these resources, and believe that you can be confident and equipped to lead your children to Christ. You are never alone if you are part of a church community. Certainly if that church community, however imperfect, is wanting to value its sons and daughters. Maybe these resources can help your church? Some are so small, breakthrough words of wisdom, but can make a huge difference.

But maybe there is a big call to make? Maybe you are desperate to see a significant step that the Holy Spirit is nudging you about. A change? A change to work patterns of harassed hurry? A change to the schooling your children receive? A change in attitude to receive help? Can you afford to carry on as you are? The helper is near.

So fellow parent… There is much hope for our children. There is much help from the Lord, through His spirit and through His church. Hear Him today. Take the next step for the sake of your precious son, your precious daughter.


  • How would you respond?

  • Please share your response to this letter. We may anonymously quote from your reply in a future article.


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