‘Christ will not fit in your box’: the false gospel of same-sex ‘marriage’

15 November 2022

A number of senior bishops in the Church of England have come out to openly express their support for blessings of same-sex ‘marriages’ within the church. This follows the Bishop of Oxford’s recent statement, explaining his change of view on the matter.

Changing the Church of England’s teaching and doctrine on marriage will be a devastating blow to faithful Christians, holding to the Bible’s clear teaching.

On Round the Table, Tim Dieppe was joined by Rev. Calvin Robinson and Andrea Williams to discuss what happened and the implications not only for the future of the Church of England, but for faithful Christians across this nation.

Calvin and Andrea explained how the gospel is clear – that bishops endorsing same-sex ‘marriage’ are simply wolves in sheep’s clothing:


Calvin broke it down even further, explaining that it isn’t about changing the church or Christ’s teaching to make people feel comfortable; rather it should about “making people feel comfortable to come to church to repent of their sins, so that they leave without them:”


Ultimately, the bishops’ theology is flawed; “Christ will not fit into your box,” Calvin explained:


Their reasoning and support for same-sex ‘marriage’ is especially troubling as it is now being used against faithful Christians in the courtroom. Andrea explains:


You can watch the full episode with Calvin and Andrea below:


Read more from Calvin on how ‘gay marriage is not marriage’ and read more from Andrea on how this is “no less than apostasy.”

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