A new hope for Christian student teachers

1 October 2021

Steve Beegoo, Christian Concern’s Head of Education, comments on a new resource for Christian student teachers, launched by UCCF.

As the secularising and sexualising impact of government policies and the bombardment of schools with damaging RSE resources continues, there has never seemed to be a more important time for Christians to go into the teaching profession. And the great news is that the University and Colleges’ Christian Fellowship (UCCF), which works with Christian Unions across the whole of the UK, has just launched the Teaching Network.

Katie Shaw, their new student teachers’ worker, explains: “For a hundred years UCCF has helped many, many bold students call many, many more to follow Jesus. This September sees the launch of UCCF’s Teaching Network. Through this initiative our hope is to gather Christian students across the UK who are training to be teachers. We’ll be providing resources, networking opportunities and support for students as we think through what it means to see Jesus make a difference in the classroom, the staffroom, the lecture theatre and on campus.”

The Teaching Network is part of their Leadership Network strategy, where students are trained to speak up for Jesus in particular spheres of work, and to live as Christian professionals in order to have an impact as ambassadors for Christ.

As we have seen from recent developments in Scotland, the training of teachers is where new ideologies are sought to be embedded in a society. The Scottish training to be rolled out to all teachers includes inclusion guidance which encourages the social transitioning of pupils, and the endorsement of self-identification of sex. Similar training for teachers is being delivered across the country, as our case with Bernard Randall highlights.

Christians entering the teaching profession need much support as they must learn how to navigate and challenge ungodly and harmful material which they may be asked to deliver to pupils. They must also be encouraged into a deep relationship with the Lord and the power of prayer as they seek to make a godly difference in children’s lives. At our recent Wilberforce Academy, young men and women from many professional areas were trained and networked, including those in education. For the future of our nation, teaching is a key profession.

As Katie explains, “Teaching is infamously busy, full of endless opportunities to connect with others where you are forever being pulled in a whole range of directions. What a difference it makes knowing the God who designed teaching in the first place and who knows our abilities and our limits. My hope, prayer and dream is that the many Christians who train to teach will boldly live as salt and light wherever they find themselves on Saturday evening or Monday morning. They’ll be able and ready to speak of Christ whenever they can, rooted in God; living for Him in all that they do.”

Teachers are connecting and networking through the work of us here at Christian Concern, and we have an excellent event coming up called ‘Further Up, Further In: Going Deeper’ at the end of this month. The Association of Christian Teachers (ACT) is also gathering teachers across the country to equip, support and encourage each other.

If you are a student teacher, already qualified, or simply want to be a supporter of students, head to to UCCF’s teachingnetwork.uk to connect into the newly launched network. Sign up for their emails to hear what’s going on and how you can continue to pray for student teachers.

Also sign up to our Christian Concern emails to connect up with education and other developments.

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