‘Why would I apologise for my Christian values?’

19 July 2022

Maureen Martin, a mayoral candidate for Lewisham, is now being supported by the Christian Legal Centre after being dismissed by her housing association employer for ‘gross misconduct’ following complaints being made about the Christian views she expressed on her political manifesto.

Miss Martin had worked for L&Q Housing Association for 13 years with an unblemished record, and had stood for the Christian People’s Alliance (CPA) since 2015, having declared her role with the CPA as recently as January 2022. However, after posting her sharing her position on marriage on her political manifesto, she was dismissed for allegedly “bringing L&Q into disrepute.”

Miss Martin is now challenging L&Q on the grounds of discrimination, with support from the Christian Legal Centre.

She commented: “Why would I apologise for my Christian values? It would be the same as Daniel deciding to obey the edicts.

“My statement was not discriminatory, it was a statement that reflects my Christian values and I’d say it again. I’ll definitely say it again.”

If you agree that voicing Christian beliefs should not get you fired, support Maureen by signing the petition.

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