‘We’re not giving up’: Andrea responds to win in Archie’s case

1 July 2022

Andrea Williams responds to the Court of Appeal victory in the case of Archie Battersbee.

The victory overturns an earlier High Court decision that stated, “on the balance of probabilities,” Archie Battersbee had died and told doctors they could withdraw his life support treatment.

It means Archie’s case will be heard again by the High Court on Monday 11 July, with the understanding that Archie remains alive.

Responding to the Court of Appeal victory, Andrea Williams said: “When we look back to April, when this whole matter began, we were being told Archie had hours, a day or two, maybe a week to live before everything shut down.

“Well, like his Mum, Archie is proving to be a real fighter, defying all the odds. He’s still here and she’s still here, and they are an example really of contending for life where there is life…

“Archie’s family believe in life for as long as God gives life. Let’s stand with them… We’re not giving up!”

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