‘We need time. Archie is already showing positive signs’

30 June 2022

The family of Archie Battersbee respond to their victory at the Court of Appeal.

The victory overturns an earlier High Court decision that stated, “on the balance of probabilities,” Archie Battersbee had died and told doctors they could withdraw his life support treatment.

It means Archie’s case will be heard again by the High Court on 11 July, with the understanding that Archie remains alive.

Responding to the Court of Appeal victory, Archie’s mother, Hollie Dance, said: “It’s so lovely to hear and so nice to hear, for the first time since Archie had the accident, that this is all about Archie. The judges recognised that today and that is truly touching.

“He’s progressing really well. He’s gaining weight again, he’s still holding his body temperature and holding my hand, Ella’s hand, my best friend’s hand. He’s doing really well and progressing.

“It might be slow, but this is why I said from the start we need time. It takes six months, the stories we’ve been hearing from, positive, hopeful stories that have been coming through, six months for a child to even attempt to do anything. The fact that Archie is already showing signs is a very positive step. He just needs time.”

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