‘This is not just a fight for Archie’s life, it’s a fight for justice’

22 June 2022

“Thank you so much – please continue with your support. The messages that come through are heart-touching.”

12-year-old Archie Battersbee’s mother, Hollie Dance, speaks out after receiving permission to appeal a decision ruling that doctors can remove Archie’s life support.

“If Archie can be pronounced dead via an MRI, which is outside the bounds of the law, then what’s going to be next?”

Archie’s mother, Hollie, and sister-in-law, Ella Carter, share their thanks for all the support they’ve received: “Archie’s words, if he was sitting next to me right now, would be ‘it melts my heart’ and I’ll use those words now, because everyone’s support does melt my heart. So, thank you and please continue to support us in this fight.”

The family will be in court again soon as they appeal a ruling that declared Archie was ‘likely’ dead and should be taken off life support.

Please continue to pray for Archie and his family, for the doctors treating him, and for the legal team taking his case to the Court of Appeal.

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