Teacher loses job over safeguarding concerns about ‘trans child’

18 October 2022

A Christian primary teacher who was sacked after raising safeguarding concerns regarding a child being supported by Mermaids through gender transition is to fight a legal test case.

With the support of the Christian Legal Centre, ‘Hannah’ (name changed for legal reasons) is pursuing a judicial review against the local authority and governing body of a school, arguing that the school’s ‘transgender affirming’ policies could harm children.

The case is believed to be the first time that a teacher has taken legal action over safeguarding concerns of a socially transitioning primary school aged child.

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre described the story as a landmark case, saying: “This is another line in the sand. A brilliant, servant -hearted teacher had genuine concerns about the well-being of a child in her year group. The child was exhibiting distressing behaviour and Hannah wanted to do all she could to help the child.

“A kind teacher who acted in a kind way to raise concerns about a troubled child through the proper safeguarding procedures has been scapegoated and silenced.

“This has happened because her concerns expose the damage affirming trans ideology does to our young children in schools…

“Vulnerable children are being used as pawns by Stonewall and Mermaids activists and will continue to be harmed the most.

“Repeatedly, we are seeing the Church of England’s own guidance on these issues being used against Christian professionals in the workplace.

“These policies not only hurt the children but makes it extremely difficult for Christians who simply want to tell the truth. Extreme transgender-affirmation policies are starting to bar Christian teachers, who refuse to go against their consciences, from the profession.”

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