‘I would be a dead man, but Jesus has given me hope’

19 February 2020

Reza Karkah, an Iranian Christian who converted from Islam, faces the prospect of imprisonment, torture and separation from his wife and child after the UK Home Office rejected his application for asylum, saying that he was ‘fabricating’ his Christian faith.

Reza grew up in a Muslim family in Iran, but converted to Christianity years after fleeing to the UK in fear for his life. He met his now wife Leigh on the streets, and for years the two of them battled with homelessness and drug addiction before finally finding the help they needed from a local church. Leaving Islam behind was a difficult decision, but Reza now plays an active part in bringing in Iranian Muslims to their church, translating services into Farsi. He says, “Jesus has given me hope. Jesus has given me a life. And I live that life today.” Still, if he is deported to Iran, his life could be in danger – being baptised alone is punishable by death under Sharia Law.


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