Reza Karkhah

Reza, an Iranian Christian, faces the prospect of imprisonment, torture and separation from his wife and child after the UK Home Office rejected his application for asylum on the basis that he was ‘fabricating’ his Christian faith.

Reza grew up in an Iranian Muslim family, but converted to Christianity years after fleeing to the UK in fear for his life. Having overcome homelessness and a drug addiction, he is now an active member in his local church. However, the Home Office rejected his bid for asylum in 2018, accusing Reza of ‘fabricating’ his Christian faith.

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, commented: “Reza Karkhah is the real deal. A courageous man transformed by the gospel and the hope of the Lord Jesus Christ. We see in this case, and many others, that the Home Office has disdain for Christian asylum seekers such as Reza, yet Islamic extremists are welcomed with open arms.

“We call on the Home Office to grant Reza asylum and for the government to seriously address its systemic anti-Christianity when processing Christian asylum seekers at home and abroad.”

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