Fringe event asks ‘Are pills-by-post abortions harming women?’

3 October 2023

The Care for Women partnership is hosting a fringe event at the Conservative Conference on Tuesday asking “Are Pills-By-Post Abortions Harming Women?”

The event is designed for Conservative MPs, councillors and members and seeks to draw attention to the unreported harm pills-by-post abortion is still inflicting on women and babies nationwide.

The panel discussion including barristers, experts and an abortion reversal patient will tell the true stories behind the headlines and showcase wide ranging evidence proving just how harmful these measures are including a mystery client survey, a judicial review, ambulance data and an NHS survey.

One women’s story

Kirsty, 36, went through DIY abortion during lockdown, sharing her story with Care for Women last year. This is what she had to say:

“I just remember lifting up my blanket and it being like a scene from a horror movie”

“I was left really heavily bleeding for months afterwards. I was at a point where I didn’t wanna wake up anymore because I’ve lost a part of me”.

‘The at-home abortion is being made to make you think you are doing it in the comfort of your own home without travelling to a clinic or hospital. But then you’ve got the memory of the loss of your child in your own home forever. So now, to me my home is no longer my home, my happy safe place. it’s the place that took away my child.’

She is not alone. In total, of the 390,000 women who have conducted abortions at home under these measures, 24,000 have required hospital treatment as a result, with over 11,000 requiring a follow up surgical procedure to remove what was left of the baby and placenta (figure based on 2020-2022 Official UK Government Abortion Statistics and 2021 FOI Investigation into Medical Abortion Treatment Failure).

Wide open to abuse

On the panel will be Andrea Williams, CEO of Christian Concern. At the start of these measures, Christian Concern commissioned a mystery client survey of telemedicine abortion. She states:

“The mystery client survey conducted and regulated to the highest professional standards,  exposed right from the start how dangerous and wide open to abuse these measures were.  The case of Lily and Carla Foster was a tragedy just waiting to happen. And it did.

“We found that pills are being posted out to women with no diagnosis, no clinical checks, no NHS Number, and false addresses and GP Surgeries. Pills were posted out for illegal reasons. The system is wide open to abuse.”

Christian Concern were also responsible for the judicial review into these measures. Solicitor Advocate Michael Phillips commented:

“While the judicial review was unsuccessful, pre-action disclosure in our court case revealed the hot line abortion executives have to senior civil servants at the heart of the health and social care department. This has to be investigated and overhauled.”


Another member of the panel is Alithea Williams from the Society for Protection of Unborn Children states:

Evidence of the risk that pills by post abortion pose to women, and the difficulties of regulating it, has been mounting.

“One failure is how the policy facilitates coercion and abuse. Medical experts are concerned about telemedicine making it harder to screen for coercion. An increasing number of women are reporting being given something to cause an abortion without their knowledge or consent.”

“SPUC has produced a new briefing, bringing together all the evidence from FOI requests, academic studies, investigations and more, which together make an overwhelming case that this policy has failed and must be withdrawn.”

Abortion pill reversal

The panel is also privileged to include a remarkable lady who took abortion pills but then changed her mind and was able to access abortion pill reversal treatment.

Moments after Amrita Kaur took her abortion pill, she regretted her decision  and searching the internet found an abortion pill reversal website. This in turn put her in touch with Dr Dermot Kearney, who was able to supply Amrita with a large dose of progesterone to overcome the impact of the first abortion pill.  Mother and child live to tell the story. Her story has been covered in paper and online, but safe treatment, effective in around 50% of cases if given within 6 hours, is still being denied and smeared by the abortion industry.

She states:

“Every woman deserves to be fully informed about her reproductive choices. My own journey with the reversal abortion pill serves as a testament to the importance of raising awareness, ensuring that others can be well informed when making one of life’s toughest decisions”

The public need to know the truth

Having had 27 invitations to participate in the panel rejected by individuals and organisations responsible for DIY abortion, organisers have decided to proceed anyway.

Event organiser, Christian Hacking said: “I invited all the UK’s abortion providers to the panel along with the Conservatives ministers, Matt Hancock and Helen Whately, who introduced these measures in the first place. I also invited Baroness Sugg, the Conservative peer who drafted the legislation to turn these emergency measures into law. I didn’t stop there.  I invited the Royal College and many third sector charities like Stonewall, Women’s Aid and Amnesty International who publicly supported these measures too. Hearing the disastrous impact these measures have had on women’s health clearly isn’t a priority to them. The public needs to know the truth even if those responsible don’t want to”.

This is not the only indicator of disparity between public opinion and the agenda of the abortion industry. Since the introduction of DIY home abortion two surveys one independent poll and one Department of Health and Social Care public consultation have found 70-71% of the public disagree with DIY home abortion. In an April 2023 survey by CBR UK, 71% of respondents, including 63% of self-identified pro-choice individuals, deemed DIY abortion unacceptable.

CBR UK’s most recent video shows just how “shocking” and “unsafe” most people believe these measures to be.

Don’t suffer in silence

If you have been adversely affected by DIY abortion or abortion or abortion in general and need help please visit Post Abortive Support for Everyone. If you are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy and need support please visit Hope Pregnancy Support.

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