Round-up: understand the party manifestos

26 June 2024

Our head of public policy Tim Dieppe has been giving his assessment of party manifestos from a Christian perspective.

From policy proposals around sex, gender and ‘conversion therapy’ to life issues, family and Islam, every party has a stance that either reflects or detracts from God’s pattern for humanity.

We need to be praying for our candidates and their parties. Do join us at our prayer rally on the night before the election. Do also question your candidates on the issues that matter to you. This is your chance to make your views heard.

The Conservative Party

Read the full response to the Conservative Party’s manifesto here.


The Labour Party

Read the full response to the Labour Party’s manifesto here.


The Liberal Democrats

Read the full response to the Liberal Democrats’ manifesto here.


Reform UK

Read the full response to Reform’s Contract with the People here.


The Green Party

Read the full response to the Green Party’s manifesto here.

The Scottish National Party, Plaid Cymru and the Democratic Unionist Party

These parties are fielding candidates in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland respectively. Before the election was called, they were the largest parties from these nations represented by MPs in Westminster. Read the response to their manifestos here.

Christian Peoples Alliance (CPA), The Heritage Party, The Social Democratic Party (SDP), Scottish Family Party (SFP) and Vote Life (independent candidates)

We have picked out some of the smaller parties to highlight what is in their manifestos. These parties are not fielding candidates in every constituency, so most people will not be able to vote for them.


Stay tuned on X, Facebook and YouTube for more news this election.


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