Paul Huxley on the teaching of Critical Race Theory and transgenderism in school

5 August 2023

Paul Huxley, Communications Manager at Christian Concern, speaks with broadcaster Emma Webb about the concerning trend of controversial race theories being taught in thousands of UK primary schools. Outlining his concerns, Paul underlines the discrepancy between critical race theory and Christian beliefs in equal human value regardless of ethnicity, saying: “Christianity has historically been one of the strongest forces in eliminating racism, as those who ended the slave trade, in particular, were Christians and motivated by their beliefs.”

The conversation also touches on the government’s recent refusal to state whether or not it would support teachers, like Joshua Sutcliffe, who wish to refer to pupils by their legal and biological gender.

In response to that Paul says: “Young people really need to hear they need to hear that their bodies aren’t the problem. If they’re really struggling with their gender identity, they need to hear that their body isn’t a problem.”

He has recently examined the evidence on the different outcomes if you allow, or don’t allow, a child to ‘socially transition’ gender.

GB News
5 August 2023

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