New online Christian school opening to all year groups

30 March 2023

Our Head of Education, Steve Beegoo, introduces an exciting education project we’ve been supporting, which is now open for all secondary year groups.

As secondary education in many parts of the country continues to be systematically divorced from its Christian foundations, it is exciting that our education department has been able to inspire, support and develop new Christian initiatives in Secondary Education.

At Christian Concern we have supported Immanuel Online School as part of a new wave of opportunities for Christian parents and as a response to the secularising and sexualising influences increasing. Immanuel Online School (IOS) is now ready to launch its live teaching track for all secondary year groups from September 2023, having begun with 12 to13 year olds this year.

Christian teaching

Parents of Year 8s have already been testifying to the quality and Christ-centredness of the school. One parent explains that there are, “Amazing teachers who really care about their subject. I love the Bible-based links and opportunities for discussion students are given.”

The school website describes the ethos as clearly having, “…distinctive culture and values. Christian belief permeates and contextualises all of our study and inspires our school culture of attentive encouragement.”


Without the expenses of a physical school, the fees for such a school are lower. Starting at only £2800 per year, the cost of IOS is within the reach of many parents. Many secondary aged pupils can thrive with this kind of educational approach and their parents can be in faith for this level of financial commitment.


The online school, which merged with a long-standing online education provider NSWLearning (formerly North Star Worldwide), can offer an online British, Christian-based education that provides students with the opportunity to learn and grow academically and spiritually in a safe and supportive environment.

The school fosters a sense of community and personal growth for students aged 11+ (Year 7 through to 11) and is able to uniquely support pupils. One parent explains how their son is, “…being stretched for the first time since Year 4. In Computer Science for example, he has gone from a complete beginner to truly engaged with the lessons!”


The website is clear that the Science offered in KS3 is where students will “…study exciting concepts in physics, chemistry and biology and investigate different aspects of God’s creation. The course starts to prepare students for the IGCSEs in Science and covers everything from the elements, atoms and compounds to inheritance, genetics and digestion. This course is both inspiring and academically rigorous.”


Ruth Marvin, the Academic and Technical Lead and founder of explains, “We also have a particular specialism in Computer Science and coding, with enhanced pathways for every student. Students have 24/7 access to a fully equipped, interactive and trackable learning portal.”


Awakening the church and parents to the serious issues in society regarding education is only part of our work here at the Education department of Christian Concern.  With over 20 groups we are supporting up and down the country, there is a movement of people growing who are taking bold and sacrificial steps in faith, ready to provide alternatives.

As part of this new movement, Immanuel Online School and The King Alfred School in Dudley have both stepped forward in the last two years. Alongside the faithful Christ-centred schools which have been going for many years, and maintain their distinctiveness, there are an increasing number of committed home educating parents and also those seeking to change and influence the wider school system in their service to the Lord.


If you are interested in the movement of those starting new schools in various ways, book now for our event, ‘Taking Ground’, on Saturday 13 May at The King Alfred School, where you will join with others from across the country inspired to make a difference for the sake of our children.

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