Mission of God: God’s word for all of life

10 November 2023

Communications assistant Sean Redfearn reflects on the Mission of God conference held on 4 November

Last Saturday, over 150 Christians from around the country attended the Mission of God conference in Daventry, run in partnership between the Ezra Institute and Christian Concern.

With sessions led by the Ezra Institute’s Rev. Dr Joe Boot, economist and member of the Shadow Monetary Policy Committee (SMPC) Graeme Leach, Christian Concern’s CEO Andrea Williams, and theologian Dr Aaron Edwards (who was sacked from a Bible college for tweeting about LGBT ideology invading the church); attendees were equipped and emboldened by these Christian leaders to live shamelessly for Christ.

Biblical worldview and Christian conviction

Joe Boot’s session kicked off the morning. His key point explored in depth and outlined cohesively for all: God’s Word applies to every aspect of life.

Joe’s extensive experience of apologetics and pastoral ministry, both in the UK and North America, packed even more weight into what he was preaching. After decades of the wear-and-tear of ministry, his conviction feels as palpable as ever: we cannot limit the jurisdiction of Christ to a gathering on Sunday morning (see Romans 11:36).

Jesus is Lord of all life, and therefore any abandonment from his will for the world will only bring destruction.

Economics of judgement and courage to obey

Graeme Leach then saw us into lunch with a session on God’s plan for economics, explaining how a biblical approach to managing the resources God has given is truly the most profitable practice for human flourishing.

Graeme explained the incredible harmony between the richness of God’s complex creation, and the simplicity of pathway that God has provided for us to follow for economic success and stability, if we would be so humble as to actually submit.

Vindicate the afflicted (Psalm 72)

Andrea Williams welcomed us back after a time of networking and fellowship at lunch, with a talk based on Psalm 72.

She expounded on how Christians should respond to the contemporary issues affecting society, especially the more controversial issues, and shared Christian Concern’s heart to “vindicate the afflicted,” notably reminding us, “the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. His mercies are new every day, and we need to speak that into our culture.”

She included the stories of many clients that Christian Concern has stood by—one of whom was even there in person.

How to be shamelessly biblical

Finally, Aaron Edwards rallied the troops with a guide to being “shamelessly biblical” in the face of apostasy. As Christian leaders all around us bow to the god of progressivism, where the self is glorified and feelings are prioritised over scriptural direction, Aaron emboldened attendees to seek wisdom not from the counsel of man, but from the counsel of God.

Strength in unity

The evening closed with a Q&A featuring all four speakers. And as people left the conference into the cold night and the sound of fireworks, the common word out the door was one of gratitude. Gratitude for the speakers and their witness as they work ever so hard to represent Christ to the culture, and gratitude for the opportunity to network with other courageous believers from up and down the country.

Aaron Edwards tweeted afterwards that it was “a blessing to connect with many faithful Christians (in the UK!!) willing to fight ‘where the battle rages’ today.”

Joe, Graeme, Andrea, and Aaron each brought their own unique context of ministry to the stage, and it drove their talks and panel discussion. But all of them shared one characteristic that was impossible to miss: a boldness for Christ.

This was not a conference for bystanders. It was for brave saints who were prepared and committed to stand up and be counted.

So, who are you going to follow?

Outside, it was a gloomy, wet, cold November’s day as the rain poured down in the car park. But inside, the truth warmly poured out in a packed-out conference room, as Christ-followers gathered together to be encouraged, equipped, and emboldened for continued witness.

Reflecting on the success of the conference, Joe Boot commented:

“It was very encouraging to see so many young people, especially young men, keen to grapple with the gospel’s relationship to culture and how to live shamelessly biblically in a time of great societal challenge and compromise in the church. Our hope is that the Mission of God conference will begin to galvanise a new reformational movement for church and culture in the UK and raise up an alternative biblical voice to mainstream Christian satisfaction with the status quo. A new generation of believers is recognising the failure of the church in the West to confront systematic unbelief with systematic belief in every area of life.”

Christians know the truth, and we know that there is nothing to ultimately fear. James 4:17 says, “whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.”

Truth is on the side of Christianity. Jesus’ way is the only way. He will not follow you. You must follow him.

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