‘Jesus Christ said don’t harm children’

13 May 2023

“Jesus Christ said don’t harm children and I want to live by that in all good conscience…

“I was very concerned about the ongoing welfare of this child and from the very beginning. I had always said I felt that this approach of affirming them in their beliefs was actually harmful.”

Christian Legal Centre client ‘Hannah’ (not her real name) speaks to Calvin Robinson about how she lost her job and now faces a raft of investigations from various regulatory bodies for questioning the advice from Stonewall and Mermaids to encourage a ‘gender transition’ of an 8-year-old pupil without any medical evidence.

Learn more about Hannah’s case and how we are supporting her: https://christianconcern.com/news/teacher-challenges-sacking-for-trans-8-year-old-safeguarding-concerns/

You can help us support Hannah by signing our petition to the Education Secretary which seeks to ensure the upcoming transgender guidance for schools includes some key safeguards: https://citizengo.org/en-gb/210778-keep-trans-ideology-out-our-schools


GB News
13 May 2023

Find out more about Hannah
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