Is pornography really morally wrong?

22 February 2022

Michael Phillips, consultant to the Christian Legal Centre, joins GB News for a discussion on the morality of pornography.

He comments: “Pornography is ultimately a lie. The thousands of people I’ve spoken to and represented over the years have told me that watching pornography always goes in the wrong direction … it is a lie that titillates something within us and then, as a result of that, sends us down a pathway which often leads to very, very dark places.”

Michael also goes on to highlight how normal people are getting drawn into this lie and, citing the concerns of a judge, highlights the parallels between child pornography and the subsequent tsunami of sex-offender prosecutions.

Political commentator and broadcaster Emma Webb adds: “Just because something is legal doesn’t make it moral … sex is something that is supposed to be sacred.”

21 February 2022
GB News


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