‘I’m going to continue fighting until God decides’: Archie Battersbee’s mother

27 June 2022

“I’m going to continue to keep fighting for Archie until Archie decides or God decides the time’s right for Archie to leave this world.

“I’m going to continue to be his voice and I’m going to continue to keep fighting for his right to live.”

Archie Battersbee’s mother, Hollie Dance, shares her thoughts and her faith with BBC Sunday Morning Live and explains why she is continuing the fight to give her son every chance of life.

Please continue praying for Archie and his family. On Wednesday they will challenge a ruling which declared Archie is “likely” dead and that life support could be withdrawn.

Hollie also recently told Premier how her faith is sustaining her through this tragedy.

The Christian Legal Centre is supporting the family.

26 June 2022
BBC Sunday Morning Live

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