How Carla Foster’s tragic case shows why dangerous DIY abortions must end

19 July 2023

“The abortion industry is using what is a very tragic and difficult case… in order to place demands upon parliament and demands upon the culture generally to say that women should be free to access abortion in whatever circumstances they want at whatever point, and that’s that’s that’s been their aim now [for] decades…”

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, comments on how the abortion industry is attempting to exploit the tragic case of Carla Foster and baby Lily to call for abortion, for any reason, right up to the point of birth.

Speaking to LBC Radio’s Colin Brazier, Andrea argues why our response to this story should be to introduce more safeguards into the UK’s abortion legislation rather than dismantling what remains.

During the interview, she sheds light on the vital work carried out by Christian Concern in revealing the distressing and tragic consequences of introducing dangerous DIY abortions:

• Our undercover investigation uncovered how the abortion industry sent abortion pills to those who gave false details and even an individual who was over the 10-week time limit for DIY abortions
• Shockingly, 1 in 17 women now find themselves compelled to seek hospital care due to severe complications following medically induced abortions.
• There has also been a disturbing 54% rise in abortion-related ambulance calls following the introduction of DIY abortion

Andrea also noted the poignant case studies of women, like Kirsty, who have been left “deeply traumatised” after personally enduring the horrors of DIY abortion.

Please join us in praying for our ongoing work in this area and for positive legislative changes.

18 July 2023

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