‘I was saturated in my baby’s blood’: Is DIY abortion ‘best for everyone’?

30 August 2022

“I had terrible cramps for hours and when I lifted my blanket I was saturated in blood, and it wasn’t my blood, it was my baby’s blood.”

Kirsty shares with GB News the devastating ordeal she went through after taking DIY at-home abortion pills.

Speaking about the lack of safeguards and checks involved in obtaining the abortion pills, Kirsty said: “I didn’t have any checks. They didn’t even offer me a scan…”

Sadly, Kirsty’s story is not an isolated incident.

A GB News investigation has uncovered a significant rise in the number of women receiving ambulance care since at home abortion pills became widely available.

Tragically, we found similar results in addition to evidence of DIY abortion pills being taken after the 10-week at-home limit and even the 24-week surgical abortion limit.

Despite these dangers, provisions allowing for DIY abortions were made permanent today.

30 August 2022
GB News

You can read and watch more of Kirsty’s devastating story.

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