Hollie Dance: ‘We will never give up the fight for Archie’

25 July 2022

As the Court of Appeal rejected a bid to overturn a ruling allowing doctors to turn of 12-year-old Archie Battersbee’s life support, his mother Hollie Dance spoke to Talk TV about how they are prepared to keep fighting for Archie’s life.

She commented: “Archie is progressing. This weekend, Archie has attempted to breathe, to a voice clip instructing him to breathe; Archie’s responded to it. He’s absorbing food, he’s gained weight. He holds his own body temperature… He’s progressing.”

When asked about how it has been, taking the hospital to court, she answered: “We’ve been silenced a lot. We’re not allowed to put forward Archie’s progress in the court; they’ve cherry-picked exactly what goes into the court, so the judges are making their decision on evidence given by the clinicians. … Fighting the system is extremely hard.”

Please continue to pray for Archie and his family.

25 July 2022
Talk TV

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