‘Doctors said he wouldn’t last 24 hours, we’re here are 117 days later…’

3 August 2022

“With all due respect, doctors said he wouldn’t last 24 hours, we’re here are 117 days later…

“There’s no evidence Archie’s organs are failing, that was put to the court from about four weeks in. We’ve gone another 2 months past that and still his organs aren’t failing. He’s showing very positive steps, little steps, but positive steps in the right direction.

“Based on that, and my gut instinct as a Mum, I one hundred percent think Archie’s going to get through this, but he needs time. Other countries give their children 6 months. Why should this country be able to end a child’s life, at any age, within a matter of weeks? They wanted to end his life from the second day in.”

Speaking to Talk TV’s Julia Hartley-Brewer, the mother of Archie Battersbee, Hollie Dance, has questioned why healthcare professionals are so keen on ending Archie’s life.

With the support of the Christian Legal Centre, the parents of Archie Battersbee have dramatically submitted an 11th hour application to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) just before 9am.

The application follows Barts Health NHS Trust lawyers telling Archie’s family that he cannot be moved to a hospice and that if an application to the ECHR is not received by 9am life-support will be withdrawn at 11am.

3 August 2022
Talk TV

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