Christians secure big money win over Barclays in financial censorship battle

30 June 2023

“It’s always very odd to pay out tens of thousands of pounds and not admit liability, so I’m not really convinced by that Barclays.”

Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg doesn’t buy Barclays’ statement that they were free of any wrong doing when they closed the accounts of the Core Issues Trust.

Dr Michael Davidson, Director of the Core Issues Trust, tells Jacob Rees-Mogg how Barclays and big tech capitulated to the mob and cut off his access to banking, social media and more.

LGBT+ activists targeted the Christian ministry and its founder in 2020 over the support they offer to men and women who voluntarily seek change in their sexual preference, expression and/or gender identity.

Following a three year legal battle, with the support of the Christian Legal Centre, Barclays have this week paid £21,500 compensation to the Core Issues Trust.


GB News
29 June 2023

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