Core Issues Trust

Core Issues Trust, a non-profit Christian ministry that supports men and women who voluntarily seek change in sexual preference and expression, has had its bank accounts closed following a campaign of harassment and intimidation.

Led by Mike Davidson, the group has received abusive calls and messages, and been dropped by multiple service providers since being targeted through a social media campaign.

The organisation has now been told by Barclays Bank that its accounts will be closed. The Christian Legal Centre is supporting Mike Davidson and CIT as they seek to resolve these issues.

Mike Davidson, CEO of Core Issues Trust said: “A coordinated campaign has resulted in our ministry coming under immense pressure and key service providers cancelling their services.

“The term ‘conversion therapy’ is being used as a catch-all phrase designed to discredit any help that people may provide to those with mixed sexual attractions who prefer their heterosexual side. This could include a listening ear, formal counselling or spiritual support.

“This amounts to mob rule. If a social media mob can cause a bank to close the account of a Christian ministry, then there is nowhere for Biblically faithful Christian ministries to go.

“The UK is now becoming an intensely intolerant country. Key service providers have cancelled their services to a Christian charity because of a social media mob.”

Christian Legal Centre’s chief executive Andrea Williams commented, “If it is CIT first, it will be churches next.

“If banks and other service providers start to placate social media campaigns by unilaterally terminating their accounts then the UK will be a very difficult place for Biblically faithful Christian ministries.

“We call on the government to put a halt to this kind of mob rule and to assert the rights of Biblically-faithful Christian organisations to be serviced by businesses without facing such intolerant discrimination.”

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