Archie Battersbee: Mother speaks to Times Radio

25 August 2022

“I thought I was okay to start with. I think the last four days, it’s really hitting me. I think because I’ve quietened down a bit. I’ve taken that bit of time out. I don’t cope with not being busy. I’m so used to having Archie with me. 24/7, Arch was with me. I’m finding it very hard adjusting, I guess.”

Hollie Dance, the mother of Archie Battersbee speaks to Times Radio about how the past couple of weeks have been “absolute hell” but how she’s battling on to ensure no set of parents have to go through the same ordeal.

When asked by Times Radio host Aasmah Mir what she’s hoping to achieve by writing to the UK Health Secretary, Hollie responds: “With regards to law change, a public inquiry into what happened to Archie’s, how we can prevent this happening again, how we can prevent [other] families going through what we’ve just been through as a family, you know, mediation and the whole hospital breakdown.”

24 August 2022
Times Radio

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