Archie Battersbee: Family share harrowing experience on GB News

9 June 2022

The family of Archie Battersbee have shared with GB News’ Alex Phillips the harrowing experience of having to go through the courts to give him every chance of life.

After less than two months in hospital, doctors say that it is in 12-year-old Archie’s “best interests” to die, but his family have seen signs of hope and want to keep fighting for his life.

A High Court judge is set to decide whether Archie will be kept on or taken off life support on Monday. When asked how people can support them, Archie’s sister in-law, Ella Carter, urged people to join #ArchiesArmy by signing the #LetArchieLive petition. There is also a GoFundMe crowdfunding page, one can donate to, in the case that the funds can be used to give Archie better treatment.

Please continue to pray for all involved.

9 June 2022
GB News

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