‘Absolutely horrified’: We expected protection from a CofE school

15 December 2022

Christian parent Calvin Watts speaks to GB News’ Mark Dolan about the “horrifying” trans indoctrination faced by his eight-year old daughter at a Church of England primary school.

Calvin and Nicola Watts, who are being supported by the Christian Legal Centre, were alerted by other parents that a video of ‘It feels good to be yourself’ had been shown without their knowledge or consent.

The book teaches children that they can be born in the wrong body and encourages the idea that 3-year-old’s can declare themselves as ‘non-binary’. The book was so extreme that the Watts’ felt forced to withdraw their child from the school.

Sharing the impact the teaching has had on his daughter, Calvin told Mark: “We’ve had to sit down [and] have conversations with her and say ‘look this isn’t scientific, this isn’t correct, it goes against our beliefs and we don’t understand why your teacher has shown this to you’.”

Speaking further of his confusion about what was shown, Calvin said: “We were absolutely horrified. As Christians, the whole reason we sent our children to that school was because it was a CofE school. We thought that there would be some level of protection against this.”

Explaining why this sort of indoctrination shouldn’t be happening in CofE schools he said: “As a Christian myself, I look at the teachings of the Bible and it’s very clear on this this subject… The Church of England have completely rejected the Bible and basically what they’ve done is they’ve kicked the Bible out in exchange for politics. This is why they’re in such a mess.”

14 December 2022
GB News

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