Calvin and Nicola Watts

Calvin and Nicola Watts challenged their children’s Church of England primary school for secretly teaching extreme trans ideology.

Christian parents Calvin and Nicola Watts were forced to remove their children from a Kent Church of England primary school after discovering that their 8-year-old child and classmates were being taught that they may have been born in the wrong body, and encouraged that even 3-year-olds can declare themselves ‘non-binary’ to their parents. Yet, following parental complaints, the school justified its teaching on the subject based on Church of England guidance ‘Valuing All God’s Children’.

The couple raised awareness among other parents, who also raised concerns and complaints about the teaching, but Calvin and Nicola were then banned from trying to speak with the teacher who had initiated the lesson and resources being used.

Calvin and Nicola then write to the Church of England’s chief education officer, Rev. Nigel Genders, appalled that the CofE’s own guidance was being used against them. They are currently awaiting response from the CofE.

The couple commented: “When we found out that extreme transgender ideology was being pushed on our 8-year-old without our consent, we were shocked and horrified. We felt very disrespected and betrayed as we had asked at the start of the year for our children not to be exposed to any LGBT ideology.

“It is tragic that Christian parents can no longer send their children to CofE primary schools in confidence that they will not be exposed to extreme transgender ideology. The CofE appears to care more about politics than biblical truth. We urge the CofE hierarchy to urgently look into what has happened and to address how its own guidance is being used to defend the promotion of what we believe to be child abuse.”

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