Sexualisation in Education—What is God’s Way?


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13 April 2024
10:00 - 16:00
All Saints', Eastleigh Parish Church, Desborough Rd, Eastleigh
SO50 5NL

Schools and education policy have increasingly become a battleground to promote ideology contrary to Christian teaching.

Relationships and sex education, in some schools, has created an existential threat to the ability of parents to raise their children according to their Christian beliefs and values and to safeguard their innocence. Neither the right of schools to deliver LGBT education nor the right of students or staff to manifest their sexuality or sexual orientation is absolute.

Our Head of Education Steve Beegoo will be speaking for Victory Chapel on Saturday 13 April, commenting on the state of our nation’s education, and how Christians can respond with a biblical view of education, with a particular look at Deuteronomy 6.

Bernard Randall, who was dismissed from his role as a school chaplain for a moderate sermon he gave on identity politics, will also be speaking at this event.

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