The twisted logic of ‘conversion therapy’ critics

7 December 2021

The government has promised to ban what it calls ‘conversion therapy’.

Even though the consultation has now closed, you can still make your voice heard by writing to your MP. You can find more on our resource page to help you understand why the government’s proposal should be opposed in its entirety.

Last month, we supported an important one-day science symposium, Is the Government ban on “Conversion Therapy” Safe?

Hosted by the International Federation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice (IFTCC), expert speakers from across the world addressed problems with the government’s approach to the ban.

We spoke to two of the experts ahead of the event on why a ban would be counter-intuitive.

Professor Paul Sullins shared why a ban is bad idea: “You wouldn’t ban anti-depressants because people who take them happen to be more depressed,” he commented. Yet this is the argument used by those in favour of banning what the government calls ‘conversion therapy’.

“If you can this therapy,” Professor Sullins continued, “you’re going to be taking away a very helpful resource.”

Elizabeth Woning, founder of Equipped to Love and CHANGED – ministries that help and equip those impacted by same-sex attraction – spoke ahead of the IFTCC symposium to challenge the government’s proposed ban.

She explained that the voices of ex-LGBT people, like herself, need to be listened to by the government as it considers a ‘conversion therapy’ ban.

Find out more about CHANGED movement.

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