Tell election candidates to vote for both lives

20 November 2019

Campaign group Right to Life have launched a new election campaign, Vote For Both Lives, which seeks to get as many election candidates as possible to sign up to the Both Lives Pledge.

The Both Lives Pledge outlines three policy changes that are designed to increase protection for babies in the womb and end pregnancy discrimination for women.

As the law currently stands, abortion is allowed right up to birth for even the most minor of disabilities. It has also been shown that gender-selective abortions are taking place in the UK.

Yet, according to Right to Life, independent polling shows that the majority of the general population agree not only that gender-selective abortion should be explicitly banned by the law, but a large majority of women also want to see the time limit for abortion reduced.

In the next Parliament, the abortion lobby will likely be back in full force, pushing to introduce new extreme abortion legislation. In the wake of the new liberal abortion laws introduced in Northern Ireland earlier this year, a campaign has been launched to completely decriminalise abortion throughout the rest of the UK.

Statistics show that abortion is on the rise. The latest reports show that over 200,000 abortions were carried out in England and Wales during 2018. This equates to over 750 slaughters every single working day of the year. We want to see this genocide put to an end.

Not only this, the Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child has revealed that more and more women are going back for repeat abortions: in 2018, over 84,000 abortions were repeat abortions, including over 3,000 on teenagers. We want to see more done to protect vulnerable women and girls who need help, not abortions.

One of our policy proposals is to introduce an Abortion (Gender and Disability) Bill to prohibit abortion on the grounds of gender and to equalise the upper time limit for abortions of disable and non-disabled babies. A great way of promoting this to your election candidates is through the Both Lives Pledge, which also seeks to get candidates to promise to end discrimination against baby girls and lower the abortion time limit.

The initiative will be running throughout the country in the lead up to election day on 12 December.

Tell your candidates to sign the pledge to protect both lives and show them why it is so important.

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