Pray for case of school worker sacked for sharing RSE concerns

16 March 2023

Sometimes, justice can be slow.

It’s been four years since we first broke the news about Kristie Higgs, a school pastoral assistant who was dismissed for sharing her concerns about transgender teaching at her son’s Church of England primary school.

This week, her appeal will be heard.

Her appeal was initially going to be heard in early 2022, but it was delayed after we questioned whether a high profile LGBT activist was appropriate to hear her case. We give thanks to God that Edward Lord was asked to step down and we now pray that Kristie would get a fair hearing at the Employment Appeal Tribunal.

Please pray with us for justice for Kristie, and that Christian freedoms would be protected in schools. Pray:

  • for Kristie as she attends the hearing
  • for our legal team as they support Kristie at the Employment Appeal Tribunal
  • for the panel in Kristie’s case to listen carefully and understand the valid concerns that Kristie had about RSE and sex education being taught at her son’s school
  • that a review into RSE and sex education in schools would go ahead, as recently promised by the Prime Minister
  • for media coverage of Kristie’s case to be widespread and supportive of Kristie and the concerns she raised
  • for protection for Kristie and her family
  • for RSE teaching in schools to protect and educate children well rather than push them into a harmful ideology
  • that the truth about RSE teaching in schools would continue to be exposed.

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Pray for upcoming judgments and cases

Meanwhile, please also pray for the case of Rev. Dr Patrick Pullicino, a Catholic chaplain and former neuroscientist, who is taking legal action against an NHS trust after he was dismissed for answering a patient’s questions about the church’s teaching on marriage. Almost unbelievably, he was told by the Acting Chief Executive of the trust that diversity and equality “take precedence over religious belief.” His story has been covered by the Telegraph.

We are also expecting outcomes in several other upcoming cases. In particular, please pray for justice for mother, Izzy Montague and for Rev. Dr Bernard Randall, as he challenges his diocese’s treatment of him.

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