Pray for DIY abortion judicial review

28 July 2020

Christian Concern’s legal challenge of the government’s decision to allow home abortions will be heard in the Court of Appeal on 29 July.

Since the government U-turned on its original decision not to introduce DIY abortion back in March, our ‘mystery client’ investigation has exposed abortion providers breaking the law and putting many women’s lives at risk.

Tomorrow, Christian Concern’s lawyers will argue that Health Secretary Matt Hancock had no power under the 1967 Abortion Act to authorise home abortions. The decision is undemocratic and dangerous, putting many vulnerable women at risk.

Please pray:

  • for the Christian Legal Centre team as they finish preparing for the case
  • for barrister Michael Phillips as he presents the case in court
  • that the judges will give a fair hearing to our case
  • that more evidence about the dangers of home abortions will become known
  • that we will be successful in challenging the government’s policy
  • for opportunities to speak in the media about the case and what it reveals.

Since we launched our legal challenge to DIY abortion, many disturbing stories have come to light, including BPAS providing abortion pills to people who want abortions for trivial reasons; abortion providers sending abortion pills illegally to women who past the 10-week limit for home abortions; and how the abortion industry has a grip over government.

Please pray that justice will be done as a result of tomorrow’s hearing, that the government will be held to account and that vulnerable women and children will be protected.

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