Invite your MP to Parliamentary Briefing on DIY abortion complications

22 February 2021

On 4 March 2021, along with a coalition of other pro-life groups, we will be participating in a briefing for parliamentarians on complications arising from the government’s DIY home abortion policy.


It’s been nearly a year since DIY at-home abortion was introduced.

When the policy was first introduced, we warned the government that it would hurt women and babies. The evidence suggests that it has. Yet despite that, the government is still considering making this dangerous and damaging policy permanent.

Could you help stop this?

Invite your MP to attend this important Parliamentary Briefing

Following the success of our last Parliamentary briefing on DIY abortion, we are teaming up with a number of pro-life groups once more to back a second Parliamentary briefing, DIY Abortions and Complications: The Evidence, hosted by Lord Mackay of Clashfern to update parliamentarians on new research showing that DIY abortion continues to be a danger for women.

We were glad to see a good number of MPs attend our first briefing. We’d like even more to come this time. Could you invite your MP?

Please ask your MP to attend the Parliamentary briefing on Thursday 4 March, from 5.30-6.30pm, via Zoom.

You can use our template to help you craft an email to your MP.

CQC data reveals illegal DIY abortions

We are finding that DIY abortion is not ‘women’s healthcare’ but the truth is that the practice has been proven to put women’s health at risk, ignoring safety measures and key safeguards meant to protect vulnerable women.

Recent Care Quality Commission (CQC) data has revealed serious incidents stemming from DIY abortions, including four women being allowed by providers to have traumatic abortions past 24 weeks into their pregnancy.

We are hearing stories of women coerced into taking the pills, leaving them with no support from abortion providers, and at home alone to suffer the consequences of taking the pills.

We are also hearing that there has been an increase in requests for the abortion pill reversal during lockdown, suggesting that the pills-by-post policy has put extra pressure on women to abort at home.

In this new briefing, we will be covering:

  • Medical risks of pills-by-post and demands in the Abortion Pill Reversal (Dermot Kearney, Catholic Medical Association)
  • New findings from gathered freedom of information requests (Kevin Duffy, Independent Health Consultant)
  • Stories of women who have taken these pills during the lockdown (Kirsty and Rachel Mackenzie, Rachel’s Vineyard)

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