Why is ‘social transition’ a disaster for children?

2 November 2022

People have recently been waking up to the dangers of cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers for children. But the problems don’t start there – they begin when a child is allowed to ‘socially transition’; it is also harmful to allow a child to cross-dress and affirm them in a different gender.

We’ve seen this time and again in many of the cases we’ve supported: Dr David Mackereth, who has stood for the freedom to declare biological truth; Nigel and Sally Rowe, who have challenged transgender policies in schools; and most recently in the case of ‘Hannah’, a teacher who was sacked for raising safeguarding concerns about a child who was allowed to ‘socially transition’.

On Round the Table, we were joined by Dr André Van Mol, co-chair of the American College of Pediatricians’ Committee on Adolescent Sexuality, and our chief executive Andrea Williams, to explore the evidence on why social transition is such a disaster for children.

Dr Van Mol addressed how we have reached a place where we seem to be denying the evidence that social transition is harmful, where transgender campaign groups are now allowed to push their ideology in schools:


Andrea explained more of the details of Hannah’s case and why it’s so important – as a gospel matter – to challenge transgender ideology:


Meanwhile, the government still wants to push ahead with a ban on ‘conversion therapy’, which would stop under 18s who are struggling to reconcile their sexual and gender identities to their biological sex from even seeking help. Dr Van Mol explains how banning ‘conversion therapy’ is the real danger, and that how forcing children into ‘transitioning’ is the worst form of ‘conversion’ there is:


You can watch the full episode with Dr Van Mol below:

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