Why challenge a ban on ‘conversion therapy’?

12 November 2021

The government has recently launched its consultation on banning ‘conversion therapy’, which proposes criminalising conversations aimed at helping someone seeking change in sexual orientation or gender identity – unless a formal consent form has been signed. The government is also proposing that children can’t consent to such conversations.

The proposals might not sound quite as dangerous as some LGBT activists wanted – but they are still problematic. You may have heard that some campaigners are seeking to criminalise prayer – this is true, but the problems with the government’s proposals are much wider than that.

We’ve stood time and again for the freedom for anyone to access this kind of help against the scare tactics of those who ultimately want to enshrine LGBT ideology in our laws and in the Church. Now, will you stand with us?

Join us for Round the Table as we explore and discuss why we’re challenging these proposals, why it matters – and what you can do to stand with us.

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