What is a Christian’s cultural mandate?

13 August 2021

Should Christians engage with culture – even if it’s secular? What might this look like in practice? In the first talk in a series entitled ‘Discovering your Kingdom Assignment’, Director of the Wilberforce Academy, Dr Joe Boot, speaks about what it means to be in the world but not of the world, engaging with the culture around us and how it all relates to the Kingdom of God.


In early 2021, Christian Concern and the Wilberforce Academy partnered with CRC Bible School to put on a new five week course, equipping Christians across the nation to be culture-makers for Christ. Over five weeks, we looked at how Christians can and should engage with culture, the Christian state of our nation and our cultural heritage, how we can live a purposeful life, and the theology of work.

CRC Bible School’s mission is to equip and train its students to undertake effective Christian service and establish Christian values and morals within communities. The school is run as part of the Christian Revival Church London but functions as a private limited company. To learn more about their work, please visit their website.

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