What does it mean to live in a secular society?

15 November 2021

In today’s culture, God seems to be being squeezed out of society, with Christians firmly in the minority.

In the words of Richard Dawkins, “We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further.” But what does a society without God look like? Are we actually living in a secular culture? What is a secular society really?

If Christians are going to know how to live faithfully and contend for the gospel intelligently, we need to have a clear understanding of these things, and also be able to recognise where there are real opportunities to proclaim Truth and Transformation. If you want to be equipped to share the gospel in a secular world, then be sure to tune in and join the discussion.

Rev. Melvin Tinker, Director of Theology at the Christian Church Network, Hull, and author of ‘Secularisation: Myth or Menace?’, returns once more to Christian Concern to examine what it means to live in a secular society and how, as Christians, we can bring the hope of Jesus Christ to a culture that has rejected him. Melvin previously contributed to our July Gospel Issues seminar, ‘Cultural Marxism: crisis or conspiracy?’ and has also joined us on Round the Table, explaining his reasons for leaving the Church of England.

We will be joined by Christian Concern’s Chief Executive, Andrea Williams and Head of Public Policy, Tim Dieppe for a Q&A straight after.

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