‘War is not a pleasant place – people often turn to prayer’

8 November 2021

Beyond the Odds – Providence in Britain’s Wars of the 20th Century, by John Scriven and Tim Dieppe, gives a close up of the many times that Britain and her allies were rescued from defeat during some of the most prolific wars of the 20th Century, including the First and Second World Wars.

Major General (Ret’d) Tim Cross CBE speaks from experience on why this book is a great read, not only for those interested in military history, but also for those wanting to read real stories from people who served our country: “I think it is encouraging; it is a reality [of what war is like] … these are not very pleasant places; people ask themselves some very serious questions and turn to prayer. Reading these stories is not a surprise to me at all.”

Beyond the Odds, by John Scriven and Tim Dieppe is now available to purchase.

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