‘These stories reflect my own experience’

12 November 2021

New book ‘Beyond the Odds – Providence in Britain’s Wars of the 20th Century’, by John Scriven and Tim Dieppe, gives a new perspective on Britain’s recent military history, exploring moments of God’s providence at key moments in our nation’s wars of the 20th Century.

Major General (Ret’d) Tim Cross CBE lays out his own experiences of God’s providence during times of war, whilst he was serving in the British Army. Stationed just outside Kosovo, Tim was told that his brigade would build and run refugee camps: “At that stage, I hadn’t got a clue how we were going to do this. We received 10s of 1000s of refugees over a very short period of time … And how we actually managed to build the refugee camps, build the sanitation, to feed them, to have the medical resources in place – when I look back on that, I just think God’s hand was in it. Do I say that’s a miracle? Well, it is for me – it’s a miracle of hardworking soldiers who gave everything over a long period of time to enable that happen. But from a personal point of view, I’m absolutely clear that God was in that decision and in all the ways that we managed to carry out all the things that we subsequently did. So these stories [in Beyond the Odds] reflect my own personal experience.”

Beyond the Odds, by John Scriven and Tim Dieppe is now available to purchase: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Beyond-Odds-Providence-Britains-Century/dp/1916121128/

This is a book you won’t want to miss out on. For Christians and non-Christians alike – history buffs and those with only a passing interest – this book provides encouragement for all, giving real life accounts of what can happen when God intervenes in the toughest of circumstances.

Find out more about the book at Wilberforce Publications: https://www.wilberforcepublications.co.uk/beyond-the-odds

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