The truth about buffer zones: who’s really getting harassed?

24 November 2022

‘Buffer zones’ are supposedly there to protect women entering abortion clinics from the ‘intimidating’ pro-life lobby – so says the abortion industry and pro-abortion campaigners. But is that really what goes on outside abortion clinics in the UK?

In reality, pro-lifers outside abortion clinics are being shut down, threatened and attacked by pro-abortion activists – not the other way around. ‘Buffer zones’ don’t protect anyone; they strip vulnerable women of their right to seek alternative help and information and censor the pro-life point of view.

Tim Dieppe was joined by Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, leader of 40 Days for Life Birmingham, who, with the support of the Christian Legal Centre, is currently challenging the introduction of a Public Space Protection Order in Birmingham, which prevents prayerful and peaceful vigils outside an abortion clinic.

Isabel told the amazing story of how one aggressive pro-abortion escort changed his mind about abortion after seeing pro-life witness outside one UK abortion facility.


She also spoke of how many women feel pressured into having an abortion, and how pro-lifers outside clinics can offer an alternative.


Finally, Isabel also spoke of how the media has tended to misrepresent pro-lifers and the supposed ‘need’ for ‘buffer zones’: “The problem is that an offer of help is now branded as ‘harassment’, mere presence is branded as ‘intimidation’, prayer is ‘protest’. The meaning of words have been changed to suit [those imposing ‘buffer zones’].”


Watch the full episode below:

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