The myth of ‘neutrality’ in education

1 September 2022

“Education is a battle ground … we need to take it back.”

Christian Concern’s Head of Public Policy, Tim Dieppe, looks into what a ‘neutral’ education would look like and asks if that’s even possible. If a ‘neutral curriculum’ was neutral towards God, surely it would be teaching our children that belief in God doesn’t really matter… If it was neutral towards morality, it would be teaching our children that morals and values don’t matter… If it was neutral towards the value of education – well, surely that would just be paradoxical?

Yet in reality, the things our children are taught are never neutral.

Take Maths as an example – everyone seems to say that Maths is ‘neutral’, it doesn’t ‘pick sides’. But Maths is eternal (always true), omnipresent (true everywhere), immutable (there’s only one right answer) and immaterial – all of which actually points to a Creator of Maths who is much the same… There is power in Maths! You could say the same of science, of languages, of literature, of art… The list goes on!

The things we teach to our children, our children will pick up. The question is, what do we want them to learn?

Watch the full video from the Wilberforce Academy Refocus Day below:

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