The end stage game of the sexual revolution

8 December 2023

Andrea Williams recently presented in a webinar hosted by ICMDA, a 60,000-strong network of medical professionals across 170 nations.

Speaking specifically on transgenderism as an “end-stage game”, she explained where we are today in the context of the sexual revolution, starting with the UK’s departure from God’s word as a tenet of lawmaking and the decriminalisation of homosexuality back in 1967.

At present, drag queens are welcome in our schools while chaplains are laid off, and children as young as five identifying as the opposite sex are being affirmed by public, legal and school records.

This cultural and legal climate has taken us 70 years to arrive at. Yet for nations known to hold a conservative view of marriage and family, liberal reform seems to be rapidly unfolding within the span of just three to five years.

She urged viewers to consider where they are in their nation’s medical profession, and to speak and act with integrity in order to resist what has happened in the UK.

Please pray that more people would stand up against this harmful and false ideology, and that God would protect our precious children from the physical, psycho-social, emotional, and spiritual harms of transgenderism.


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