The case for Christ-centred schools

21 September 2021

Christian parents are waking up to significant issues with schools and curriculum, and all the statistics show that our children are becoming increasingly distanced from the truth of the gospel. Now, many parents are looking for alternatives, which is causing some church leaders and groups of parents to look to start their own schools.

Sadly, schools which encourage children into Christian beliefs are becoming increasingly hard to find. Even many so-called ‘Christian’ schools, or schools with a ‘Christian ethos’ have often adopted ideologies that run contrary to Scripture.

“Education is always for the glorification of a kingdom,” says Steve Beegoo. “The question is: which kingdom is the school glorifying?”

In this Gospel Issues seminar from September 2021, Steve, our Head of Education, took us through whether there really is a case for Christ-centred, Christian schools? Steve has been working with 11 different groups, from Aberdeen to Devon, that want to start up new Christian schools. But is there really a case for taking this radical step? Is it reasonable to expect our children to be salt and light in the world with the schools they are currently in? Should we carry on as we are and hope for the best, or is there another way?

We were joined by our chief executive Andrea Williams and Head of Public Policy for a live Q&A straight after.

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