Stolen identity: law and personhood

11 October 2022

Our chief executive, Andrea Williams, recently spoke to TruthXChange, detailing and evidencing how laws are reshaping what we think in terms of personhood, free speech and ethics.

This talk was given as part of a series on ‘Stolen Identity: The theft of the binary’. Culture today tells us there that nothing is set in stone – it encourages us to ‘explore our identities’, wherever that might lead. But how are we to respond as Christians?

Watch Andrea’s full talk below:


TruthXChange exists to equip and empower churches to communicate the gospel effectively and lovingly to a culture that has lost the crucial distinction between worshiping creation and worshiping its Creator and Redeemer. You can watch more of the series ‘Stolen Identity’, as well as find out more about TruthXChange at

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