‘My teacher says I can be anything I want’: how would you respond?

12 July 2021

Below is a letter from Alex, a fictional ‘tweenager’ who’s exploring ideas of faith and going to church. If Alex were at your church, how would you respond? Let us know your thoughts below.

Dear Church

My name is Alex. I’m 12 now! Yes, that’s right, Alex. You sometimes spot me and smile (I’m often on my phone, I know!). I just wanted to tell you, well, what’s going on for me.

You see, I’m there. At church I mean. I’m just not sure. I don’t even know how to say what I’m not sure about. I really like Jesus though! He seems a really nice guy when I sometimes hear you talk about him. I’m glad he doesn’t judge people. I do think about the bad stuff in the world and the, like, suffering and that. It’s sad we can’t do much about that.

It’s nice having friends at our church. I’ve missed them! It’s great to see them on Sundays. I’ve noticed that some of the older ones have stopped coming though. School is okay, but really different now that I’m in Y7 (that’s my year group now I’ve started the big school!). We learn to be nice to everyone, just like we do at our church. It’s the same really. My teachers help me know that I can be anything I want to be. That’s great isn’t it?!

My Mum and Dad are really busy, but I do love them. I’m not sure they understand me. I do wonder if God is real sometimes. He doesn’t seem to do anything. Well maybe for other people.

I hope he likes me. I’m not sure if he does, as I’m not very good. I’m actually quite sad sometimes. About myself I mean. I sometimes look things up online to help me think about things.

Well, I just wanted to let you know that I’m here. Thanks for doing some more online stuff for us this last year. I needed that! Thanks for the Sunday school I used to go to, and the youth group; they can be fun! Oh, and let me know if I can help- I really do like helping!

Thanks for listening to me for a moment.



  • How would you respond?

  • Please share your response to this letter. We may anonymously quote from your reply in a future article.


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