In His Image: Episode 1 – Created in his image

17 February 2021

What does it mean to be made in God’s image? Join us this Lent as we engage with In His Image.

Everything we do at Christian Concern can be traced back to the truth that God made men and women ‘in his image’. But our culture has abandoned this, leading to sex and gender confusion, and failing to protect all human life as precious.

Through Lent, we’re providing a series of podcast episodes exploring questions raised in Wilberforce Publications’ book In His Image by Stephen McQuoid, looking in depth at the reality of being made in God’s image.

In our first episode, Paul Huxley and Ben John look at Genesis 1:26-28, asking:

What does it mean to be made in God’s image?
How does Western culture reject this truth?

You can join us in our study of In His Image by ordering your own copy now (on Kindle or paperback), and downloading our free study guide.

Come back each Tuesday and Thursday for new episodes, and make sure you’re following us on FacebookInstagramTwitter and Soundcloud to receive updates and join in the discussion.

Listen to the full podcast below:

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